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Keeping the focus on the scale as you let GenieBooks keep the lights on while enabling growth. Discover an easier way to run end-to-end business operations with control, gain lucid insights into your business and stay compliant while doing so.

Explore the features that simplify accounting

AR/AP, Approvals, Warehousing, Production, Order Management, Compliance & Audits, Dashboards, Function Reportings and Information Analysis

GST Compliant Business

Get your business GST-compliant without any hassles. GenieBooks ensures 100% compliance in all invoicing and accounting documentation at a professional level and saves you from any financial repercussions.

Inventory Management

Get regular updates on stock and know “what’s selling” the best as easily as a child’s play with GenieBooks. Track and manage inventory efficiently for your business to succeed and grow.


Get visibility to the sales cycle with ease and manage efficiently without human errors. Become organized and competent to generate orders and invoices quickly within a few minutes.


Manage the purchase cycle efficiently to grow your business with professional help and easy-to-use technology. Build a systematic process for all purchase-related functions such as analysis, authorization, supplier selection, price negotiation, and order placement.


GenieBooks empowers you to create your own rules, complicated or straightforward, to automate your reconciliation process. This module ensures immediate visibility into exception items that can be investigated and resolved in an auditable framework. So, you can have all your business bank balances reconciled daily throughout the year by leveraging automation offered by GenieBooks Bank Reconciliation Module.


Accurate reporting goes a long way in helping make effective business decisions backed by data. GenieBooks provides you with different dashboards to pull reports with all financial and business operation data updated in real-time.

Transaction Reporting

Get your Profit and Loss statement or Inventory Summary report regularly in your Inbox with just a few clicks. After all, financial reporting is crucial to make efficient & data-driven decisions for business growth.

Hassle-free Payroll Record

Effortlessly track all your basic payroll records within a secure application platform. Integrated within accounting software, payroll management in GenieBooks is comprehensive.

Automation Business

Automate your business for smooth operations and a straightforward reporting system with GenieBooks. The competency of the software to manage business functions helps you focus on your core competencies.


The expense module helps you keep track of and be apprised of all your business expenses in real-time. Get 100% Data transparency and security with faster and effortless tracking (Saves Time and Resources), and Attachments. Avoid duplicate and overdue payments and penalties along with Rogue and duplicate Expenses.

The GenieBooks Advantage

  • Easier way to run operations
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Best-in-class Digital Experience
  • Designed for mid-market companies
  • GSTN Acceptances and Certifications
  • SaaS to avoid any major upfront expense

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