1.1 Dandelion Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as, “Dandelion”) recognizes the importance of maintaining Users’ privacy. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is formulated by Dandelion to help the individuals and/or body corporates (hereinafter referred to as the “User, Your and/or You”) using Dandelion’s website, platform, software, web application its mobile applications and other sources, if any (hereinafter referred to as, “Platform”) understand how their Data is collected, used and stored, shared and their rights with respect to the Data collected and the security measures undertaken to safeguard such Data.

1.2 This Policy is prepared in accordance with the provisions of Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 and Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 framed under the Information Technology Act, 2000, as amended from time to time.

1.3 Eligibility: The use of this Platform is available only to persons who can form legally binding contracts under the applicable Indian law and are not barred from receiving the access and use of the Platform hereunder. Individuals who are incompetent to contract within the meaning of the applicable law, including but not limited to minors, are not eligible to access and use the Platform.

1.4 By using the Platform, the User signifies that they have read, understood and agreed to this Policy and by clicking on the acceptance button or the relevant checkbox, as applicable.


2.1 Consent - shall mean the User’s acceptance of this Policy is free from any undue influence, coercion, fraud, deceit or ambiguity with respect to the terms set forth herein and the User consents to the collection, storage, usage and disclosure of the Data as described in this Policy.

2.2 Data – shall mean the User’s information collected by Dandelion, whether or not provided by the User or collected by Dandelion through automated means with the use of the Platform, which may relate to the User, directly or indirectly and may be subject to Processing in accordance with the terms set forth under this Policy.

2.2.1 Under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, the following are the two types of Data that may be collected:

  • Personal Information – means any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with a body corporate, is capable of identifying such person.
  • Sensitive Personal Information – Sensitive Personal Information of a person shall mean without limitation, password, financial information such as bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instruments details, biometric information and such other information as detailed under the applicable Indian laws.

2.3 Process / Processing – shall mean operation or set of operations which is performed on the Data or the sets of Data, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval, use, alignment or combination, indexing, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, restriction, erasure or destruction of Data.


3.1 The User, by using Dandelion’s Platform, hereby expressly Consents to the Processing and handling of the Data in accordance with the terms set forth under this Policy.


Dandelion collects the following Data in order to effectively provide the services. The Data is collected in two ways, firstly, the Data provided to Dandelion by the User upon registration and the subsequent use and secondly, the Data automatically collected as the User interacts with the Platform and opts in/out of certain Data collection options.


4.1.1 Following applicable Data, without limitation, is collected for the purpose of registration. Kindly, note that some Data may be absolutely necessary for registration and some may be optional, at the sole discretion of Dandelion:

  • Full name
  • Name of the organization
  • Type of organization
  • Email address / official email address
  • Aadhaar number
  • PAN (permanent account number)
  • Father’s / mother’s name
  • Mobile number
  • Landline number
  • City
  • Pin code
  • Display picture
  • Language (prevailing presumption shall be English)
  • GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax identification number)
  • TAN (Tax deduction and collection account number)
  • User ID for the Platform
  • Password
  • Geolocation
  • Incorporation details
  • Business logo
  • Any other Data that the User may need to provide on the Platform at the time of registration or after, to confirm and verify their identification which may be reasonably required to render the services of the Platform efficiently.


4.2.1 The following Data may be automatically collected by Dandelion by using web technologies, in – house usage analytical tools and communication logs between the User and Dandelion: email trails, phone call records, chat conversations with Dandelion’s sales and/or support executives, IP (internet protocol) address, browser type, language preference, referring URL (uniform resource locator) data, time of access, other visited websites, operating system, mobile device manufacturer, mobile network information, clicks, scrolls, features accessed, access time & frequency, errors generated, performance data, storage utilized, user settings, configurations, devices used for access, geolocation etc.


4.3.1 When the Users link the Platform to third-party service providers such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Google or other similar third party services, Dandelion may collect Data that such parties make available, including but not limited to the name, email address, gender or profile picture. Please note that such third parties have their own privacy policies and that Dandelion does not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies.

4.3.2 Additionally, Dandelion might collect the following Data available with the third party service providers:

  • Liabilities information or information from KYC agency
  • Relevant Data from GSTN (goods and services tax network)
  • Relevant Data from Banks
  • Relevant Data from Income tax portal
  • Relevant Data NSDL (national securities depository limited)
  • Any other Data from third parties for the provision of services of the Platform, internal audit, information security compliance and/or under the mandate of a regulatory body.


4.4.1 AIn order for the Users to enjoy the services of the Platform, Dandelion may collect the following Data from the User to perform such Data specific services offered by the Platform:

  • Bank account details
  • UPI (unified payments interface) ID
  • Sales quotations
  • Orders
  • Challans
  • Notes
  • Invoices
  • Bills
  • GST compliance information
  • Inventory information
  • Financial information as applicable
  • Reports


5.1 Dandelion does not sell or share any User Data which is collected. Dandelion respects the privacy of the Users and ensures that adequate security measures are undertaken to safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of such Data. However, notwithstanding anything contained in this Policy, the User expressly acknowledges, accepts and agrees to the following usage of their Data in the manner below:

5.1.1 To use the Data to provide such Data specific services offered by the Platform including notifications, emails and messages for the same.

5.1.2 To respond to communication/query requests submitted by the User.

5.1.3 To use the Data for the purpose of KYC (know your customer) procedure.

5.1.4 To use the Data to understand the Users’ activity on the Platform and enhance security.

5.1.5 To use the Data to manage the User’s account, to contact the User for any fit purpose and to operate, improve (including communications) and provide the services of the Platform to the User. Dandelion uses the collected information to give the User a customized, interactive experience as per the User’s usage of the Platform. This Data can also be used to provide customized services, promotions, products and offers to the User as per the sole discretion of Dandelion.

5.1.6 Dandelion may integrate the Platform with the other applications of third parties to provide add–on functionalities and features. Should the User be willing to avail such features and add – on functionalities, they consent and agree to Dandelion sharing and/or exchanging their Data to provide such features and functionalities. However, the User shall have the right to opt-out of such add – on functionalities and features.

5.1.7 Dandelion may use the User’s Data in the analysis of making reports within the Platform, for internal review, promotional, educational and sales communication and to enhance the User experience while using the Platform.

5.1.8 Dandelion may use the User Data to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and other illegal activities, to report recurring transactions and protect the rights and interests of Dandelion, its Users, third parties and others, applicable.

5.1.9 Dandelion may use such Data to improve and modify the marketing campaigns and make suggestions relevant to the User.

5.1.10 Dandelion may use the Data to troubleshoot bugs and operational issues, conduct data analysis, research, test, monitor and analyze the activity trends and usage.

5.1.11 Dandelion use the Data to develop and launch new products, in relation to the Platform, for seamless flow and integration of services, for the Users.

5.1.12 Dandelion may use the may

5.1.3 Data in an aggregated/compiled form to produce statistical/demographic analysis for marketing, strategy and other business purposes. However, Dandelion shall not use such Data in a way that shall reveal the identity of the Users.

5.1.14 To disclose the User’s Data under the judicial, administrative and regulatory entities in compliance to any regulatory and legal requirements, orders, proceedings, etc. Dandelion shall neither assume any liability nor indemnify the User from and against any loss, damages or expenses incurred by the User due to such disclosure of Data by Dandelion.

5.1.15 The User acknowledges, agrees, accepts and authorizes Dandelion to Process and further transfer and share the Data with third parties including but not limited to the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), NSDL, banks, KYC registration agencies, etc.


6.1 Dandelion uses cookies, flash cookies, web beacons or similar technologies to recognize a User when they visit the Platform multiple times. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the User’s computers, mobile phones and other devices through which a User may gain access to the Platform, which records the actions and preferences.

6.2 Dandelion uses cookies for several purposes, which include, without limitation, remembering the User and their preferences, tracking the usage of the Platform, improving the Platform, formulating customized services/offers, enhancing the customer experience, improving the security as well as keeping logs for security purposes. Once such information is provided, Dandelion may use such information to provide updates to the User. The User shall have the option to decline the collection of cookies, in which case, such action may limit the User’s access and/or use of the Platform.

6.3 Dandelion uses the following types of cookies:

6.3.1 Strictly necessary cookies.

6.3.2 Performance cookies.

6.3.3 User experience cookies.

6.3.4 Functionality cookies.

6.3.5 Behaviourally targeted advertising cookies.


7.1. The User may come across certain communication from third-party individuals and entities who may impersonate Dandelion and send emails in a similar fashion and manner as Dandelion does, asking and/or requesting the User’s Data, such as account and login credentials, OTPs (one-time passwords), 2FA (two-factor authentication), credit/debit card details, etc. Dandelion never asks for such information from any of its Users.

7.2. These activities are carried out by unauthorized individuals and are illegal. Dandelion recommends all the Users verify every mail sent to them by checking the proper domain in the email address, the designation, name and logo of Dandelion, etc.


8.1. The User shall have the right to opt-out of non–essential communications such as newsletters, offers, promotions, etc. by using the unsubscribe feature. However, Dandelion shall continue to send essential information, notices and emails which include, without limitation, new login from a system, password change, security updates, privacy updates, essential transactions, renewal reminders and any other such communication that Dandelion deems fit.

8.2. The User shall have the right to enquire from Dandelion regarding the Processing of their Data and the details of third parties with whom Dandelion shares the Data.

8.3. The User shall have the right to overall withdraw the consent of sharing their Data with Dandelion resulting in the deletion of their account and prohibition to use and access the Platform. However, this shall not have any effect on any Data previously Processed.

8.4. The User shall have the right to review the Data they have submitted at all times and modify, change, or delete such Data as per their discretion. The User may use this option to rectify any Data which they have wrongly submitted. Dandelion shall not be liable for the authenticity of the Data submitted by the User.

8.5. The User shall have the right to Data portability in the event of processing through automated means.

8.6. The User shall have the right to disable cookies before visiting the Platform of Dandelion except for strictly necessary cookies.

8.7. The User shall have the right to not provide optional Data as determined by Dandelion on the Platform.

8.8. The User shall have the right to restrict or prevent the continuing disclosure of the Data where such disclosure has served its purpose for which it was collected and is no longer necessary for the purpose or if such disclosure was made contrary to the applicable Indian law for the time being in force.

8.9. The User shall also have the right to withdraw their consent provided hereunder at any point in time. The User must reasonably inform Dandelion of the same and shall not use the Platform forthwith. Dandelion shall have the right to prohibit the usage of the Platform by the User and delete any such Data submitted by the User.


9.1. Dandelion shall retain the Data of the User for as long as it is necessary for the purposes set forth under this Policy and for the provision of services of the Platform or as required under the applicable Indian law.

9.2. Dandelion shall only retain the Data post-termination for backup, archiving, prevention of fraud and abuse, analytics, to improve the services offered on the Platform or such Data to the extent necessary to be in compliance with the applicable Indian laws, to resolve disputes, if any, and to enforce the legal agreements and policies.

9.3. Any Data entered during the period of the free trial shall be deleted permanently once the free trial ends. The User shall have the option to retain the Data by opting for a paid subscription. However, the User shall also have the option to export their Data from the Platform, should they be unwilling to use the Platform.


10.1 . Dandelion has implemented and maintains physical, electronic and procedural security measures in accordance with the standards prescribed under the Indian law that are reasonably designed to help protect the integrity and the security of the Data.

10.2 . Although Dandelion shall do its best to protect the User’s data, no security system can prevent all potential security breaches and therefore, Dandelion cannot guarantee the security of Data transmitted to the Platform and the User hereby acknowledges that any transmission is on their own risk. Once Dandelion has received information from a User, Dandelion shall use strict procedures and security features that are appropriate to the type of Data the User has provided to try to prevent unauthorized Processing such as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or removal of Data.

10.3 . In the event the Dandelion becomes aware of any security breach that affects any personal Data held or stored by the Dandelion in connection with the services, the Dandelion shall adopt adequate efforts to communicate the details of the same to the Users, without undue delay.



11.1.1. Dandelion may share the User’s Data to its employees on a ‘need–to–know’ basis and shall ensure that such employees are under the strict obligations of confidentiality and follow the terms of this Policy.

11.1.2. As per the need and requirements, Dandelion may share the Data with its group companies. Dandelion shall ensure that such companies comply with this Policy.


11.2.1. Dandelion shares the User’s Data with authorized third-party service providers that Dandelion engages, such as, without limitation:

  • Marketing or advertising partners
  • Web analytics providers to understand the User’s behavior, improve existing and/or develop new features. The privacy policy of these third parties are applicable on the Data Processed by them. They may combine the User’s Data with other Processed Data to conduct studies and/or analytics.
  • Applications such as Freshworks, Calendly, WhatsApp, etc. for a more transparent and smooth way of communication with the User.

11.2.2. Payment Gateways

  • Any payments processed via the Platform are subject to terms of use and the privacy policy of the applicable third party payment gateways. Please note that Dandelion does not process or store any such information. For additional information, it is recommended that you review such a third-party payment processor's Privacy Policy.


12.1 . Dandelion makes no representation or warranty as to maintaining or storing immediate back – up copies of the Data submitted by the User. The User must ensure that they have maintained the immediate back – up copy of their Data in the event the Platform malfunctions or fails or crashes for any reason whatsoever.

12.2 . Notwithstanding anything contained in this Policy or elsewhere, Dandelion shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or misuse of the Data collected, if such loss, damage or misuse is attributable to any event that is beyond the reasonable control which shall include, without limitation, sabotage, fire, flood, explosion, acts of God, civil commotion, acts of government, computer hacking, unauthorized access to computer data and storage device, computer crashes, breach of security and encryption, and any other similar events not within the control of Dandelion.

12.3 . The Users acknowledge and understand that the internet is inherently insecure, and Dandelion cannot prevent and shall not be responsible for any interception or ‘hacking’ of the Data collected by unauthorized third parties, which may be beyond the reasonable control of Dandelion.

12.4 . GSTN shall have the sole right and discretion to either accept or reject any User’s Data from being transmitted to the GST system from the Platform, including, without limitation, in case of a security breach, data traffic beyond prescribed by GSTN, a suspected payload of virus and/or malware or transfer of corrupt data or due to any other reasons mandated by GSTN. Dandelion shall not be held liable for the same.

12.5 . Dandelion reserves the right to modify the pricing of the Platform, its validity, inclusions, exclusions, etc. at any point of time at their sole discretion.

12.6 . Dandelion constantly works on improving the Platform to make it more efficient for the Users. Hence, Dandelion reserves the right to update and/or change the Platform at any point of time at their sole discretion.

12.7 . Dandelion reserves the right to delete/ban/prohibit any User and its account along with the User’s Data in the event of the User’s non–payment of the subscription charges within the prescribed time frame, non – compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in the End User License Agreement and Terms of Service, User’s failure of KYC procedure, in the event Dandelion suspects the User of being involved in any suspicious activities on the Platform and such other reason at the sole discretion of Dandelion.


13.1 . The Platform, from time to time, may contain some links to and from the websites of our partner networks and affiliates. If you follow a link to any of these websites, please note that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data to these websites.


14.1 . Dandelion reserves the right to modify, amend and change this Policy from time to time at their sole discretion. The “Last Updated” section on the top of the Policy shall indicate the latest date on which such modification occurred.

14.2 . The User’s continued usage of the Platform shall indicate that the User is consenting to the updated Policy of Dandelion.

14.3 . While Dandelion shall make reasonable efforts to keep the User informed of such changes, it is advised that the User review this Policy periodically while using the Platform to ensure they are aware of the latest changes, if any.


15.1 . Dandelion shall reserve the right to contact the Users for purposes, including but not limited to verification, notifying the Users of any new feature or any other such information which Dandelion perceives might be useful for the Users.

15.2 . Any communication made to the registered email ID or phone number of the User by Dandelion, notice or notification via or within the Platform shall construe as legal communication and notice made to the User.

15.3. Dandelion shall reserve the right to communicate, alert and/or notify the Users through email, phone call, text message, letter, WhatsApp, Telegram or any other social media applications which the User may link to the Platform.


16.1 . This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of India and the courts and tribunals at Mumbai shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.

16.2 . Any disputes, controversies or claims arising out of this Agreement shall be submitted to arbitration to seek a resolution in accordance to the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. A sole arbitrator shall be appointed Dandelion and the proceedings shall be conducted in the English language.

16.3 . The Parties shall keep the arbitration confidential and not disclose the same to any individual or legal entity, other than on a need – to – know basis, unless required to do so under a valid legal order of competent jurisdiction.


17.1 . If any User has any queries, questions or issues regarding this Policy or the safety of their Data, the User may contact the Grievance Officer’s office given below:

Grievance Officer

Name: P. Pavan Kumar Address: 18, Lalwani Industrial Estate, GD Ambekar Marg, Wadala, Mumbai - 400031 Email: