Record every Business

A single platform that simplifies and automates planning and recording of financial transactions

GenieBooks is built for record keeping of any financial data and transactions of any complexity. With a strong underlying automation engine, high interoperability and user-centric features, recording financial transactions has never been a breeze.

Save Time and Cost

Digitization and Automation

Auto reconciliation

Accuracy and verification with multiple checks


Simple dashboards for every process

Auto-Computation of Tax

Automatic computation of TDS, TCS and GST

Intuitive Experience

Features like Auto-fill, in-built duplication checks etc.

Multi-Language Support

GenieBooks supports all major regional Indian languages

Purchase Cycle

Synchronize and standardize product ordering, supplier requisitions, budget authorization, receipt of delivery, and invoice processing. Realise the GenieBooks value in every transaction with features like 3-way reconciliation, role-based authorizations and real-time visibility.

Sales Cycle

Maximize efficiency in your sales cycle with recording and automation of actual sales, account management, order fulfilment, billing, and accounts receivables. Empower your sales team to engage clients more effectively, reduce errors, and improve reporting capabilities.

Asset Tracking

Record and Auto-manage every physical asset across your distributed business to maximize operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs, manage depreciation with ease and sustain a clear asset strategy. Track every asset including vehicles, IT assets, machinery, buildings etc.

HR and Payroll

Understand your business better and understand your employees better with real-time data and key insights. Gain from the convenience of automation of people administration tasks such as Salary Slips, Guiding Accounting Entries and Salary Reports.

The simplest way to know your business while you grow it.

Upgrade to GenieBooks, Upgrade your business.

Enterprise-level software. Small business pricing.

The Art of Smart Accounting